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Missing Alerts:

The A Child Is Missing Alert Program (ACIM) acts on behalf of law enforcement in notifying communities about missing children, missing elderly (Alzheimer’s / dementia), the disabled, and college students missing on campus. This program is activated only by law enforcement and is available to all municipal, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in the United States. Through a high-speed telephone alert, A Child Is Missing has the capacity to inform residents and businesses in the area surrounding where the missing person was last seen. Computer mapping and satellite imagery are used by our Recovery Specialists who are available 24/7 – 365. Our system is capable of placing 1,000 alert calls in one minute. These alerts contain a detailed description of the individual, their last known whereabouts, and the name and phone number of the agency working the case. Call recipients are prompted to call the agency if they have information pertaining to the case or the missing person.

Child Safety Education Program:

ACIM’s Child Safety Education Program provides age appropriate information to summer camp children. It is based on six rules of child safety, including the buddy system, a secret code word, saying “no” with authority, and avoiding the most common lures used by abductors. The information is presented in the form of theory, video presentation and role playing, and is reinforced with handouts such as safety coloring books and book marks. A Child Is Missing conducts prevention training sessions to equip teachers with the program material and scripts that have been specifically crafted to accompany the video presentation to the children. School teachers from each local area conduct these presentations.

Sexual Predator Educational Awareness Program:

The Sexual Predator Educational Awareness Program was conceptualized and developed as a result of years of working with Law Enforcement and focusing on the safety of children. We saw that adults often did not know how to respond to children’s issues as a direct result of not understanding the issue. This was particularly true of child sexual abuse and the sexual predator. In February 2008 and January 2009 respectively, with the production and premier of our two educational docudramas, "It Can’t Happen To Me!" I and II, ACIM brought together five true-to-life scenarios about the sexual predator based on actual cases in which A Child Is Missing had been involved. These docudramas deliver an abundance of preventative information for adults. Our presenters include not only law enforcement professionals who have investigated sex crimes against children, but also victims and educators. This diverse expanse of presenters and perspectives has gone a long way in bridging the gaps in awareness and understanding in the audiences to which we present.

Educational Programs for High Risk Youth:

It has been our observation that youth, in particular high risk youth, have great difficulty in communicating their needs. As a result, they often react rather than respond to individuals and situations…sometimes violently. “Express Yourself!” was developed to provide an overview of the how and why youth are at high risk for being misunderstood, and sometimes exploited and abused, due to their inability to clearly convey what they are thinking and/or feeling. Through examination of the physical, psychological and social aspects of communication, participants receive insight into the communication patterns they use, as well as the communication patterns used by others. Techniques and Tools for increasing communication skills are discussed and used, so that participants can better know and understand how to communicate more effectively and more skillfully manage their lives in our fast-paced, changing world.

Bully Program:

An integral part of our child safety program deals with bullying. This is interactive discussion between children, teachers and A Child Is Missing trainers. Within the class are bullies, victims and children who witnessed incidents. With no preset script, the course engages the class to open lines of communication, discussing choices and consequences. Some of the key points are: you are not alone, ignore it, and be a friend to someone who is being bullied.

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