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Sexual Predator Adult Educational Awareness Program

Everyday you see relatives in your house, you pass people on the street, you watch television, and the computer brings different individuals into your home and work place. What drove A Child Is Missing (ACIM) to want to educate adults about these concerns? They had to know what to look for when strangers and relatives were around their children. We had to help adults understand... stranger danger was inadequate as harm has been done to children by people who were not strangers to them.

ACIM’s Sexual Predator Adult Educational Awareness Program was conceptualized and developed by our founder Sherry Friedlander as a result of years of working with Law Enforcement and focusing on the safety of children. She saw that adults often did not know how to respond to children’s issues as a direct result of not understanding the issue. This was particularly true of childhood sexual abuse and sexual predators.

In January 2008, in its production of the educational video It Can’t Happen to Me!, ACIM brought together two true-to-life scenarios about sexual predators based on actual cases in which A Child Is Missing had been involved. We knew people were hesitant to come to a presentation about social problems in a community, but they did go to their group meetings—such as Kiwanis, Rotary, Women In Distress, and other organizations that care about children. We trained our presenters in the program that we designed and produced. This presentation will deliver an abundance of preventive information for adults. A Child Is Missing made sure the video, which is an entry in the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, was not only thought provoking, but informative.

Program Presenters:

Our presenters include not only law enforcement professionals who have investigated sex crimes against children, but also victims and educators. This diverse expanse of presenters and perspectives has gone a long way to bridging the gap in the audiences to which we presented.

We have also found law enforcement needed preventive materials to which everyone could relate and to be used in citizen programs presented by law enforcement. ACIM also included the Child Safety Tips for parents to help their children be safe.

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