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Safety Tips

Online Gaming Safety:

Check the ratings of the games. Stick to games from reputable sites like XBox Live & MSN Games. Review the game's terms of play and check to make sure they enable users to protect their identity. Discuss with your children never to give out personal info to anyone and keep the username generic. Children should never give their password to anyone. Reinforce & don't assume your children know & remember rules of safety. Try playing the games with them, be involved.

Child Safety Tips:

  • Stranger danger? Your child may one day need to ask a stranger for help. It is important to teach them how to do so. Point out safe places your child can go if they become lost or are in trouble. Teaching children to recognize and handle situations and strangers is a key safety tip!
  • Preventing Child Identity Theft - FL had more identity theft cases last year than any other state and an increasing number of those are children. Parents can contact the three major credit bureaus to make sure there is "No File Found" for their children. If a file is found, request an investigation. Investigate mail from creditors in your child's name. Don't carry your child's social security card and limit its use. Shred documents containing personal information.
  • Do your children know that sexting can be illegal? Taking, possessing or transmitting a sexually explicit picture of a minor can be considered child pornography. Although the children have no criminal intent and many of these laws are designed to protect children, what may seem to be a harmless act can have consequences.
  • Ask your child what they need help with. With the advent of technology, most children are already facing and overcoming many more obstacles than parents will ever know. Most children, especially older ones want their parents to ask more about what’s going on with their circle of friends or the latest happenings at school and less about what parents believe are a danger.

Facebook Safety Tip:

According to a June 2011 Consumer Reports survey, 7.5 million children under the age of 13 use Facebook and 5 million of those are under 10. Despite Facebook’s privacy policy, a minor’s information is still on display, so make sure the security settings are at the highest level. Insist that your children allow you to be their ‘friend’ and monitor their activities and photos. Discuss good practices. There are additional monitoring tools but nothing beats critical thinking.

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