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"The alert system was very good. They worked in a timely manner that allowed us to locate the child."

Dispatcher Carmelita Thornton - Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, AL

"In speaking with several callers, some said they were going to assist in locating Mr. Johnson. I believe this to be a vital resource in such an incident."

Dispatcher Kia Pointer - Florence Police Department, AL

"Calls that were made did alert the public. This helped direct police to his location."

Detective James Towns - Birmingham Police Department, AL


"We use it frequently as appropriate for missing children as well as elderly that walk away from their homes with diminished mental abilities. We have found it to be very effective. Using ACIM has been effective in locating people."

Sergeant Joe Harold - Lake Havasu City Police Department, AZ


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"Within 20 minutes of your call for our agency, the gentleman was located by residents who after receiving the alert got out of their beds into their golf carts and began assisting us in looking for him. He was found by two of them lying injured in a ditch."

Dispatcher Patricia Kersey - Lake County Sheriff’s Office, FL

"The phone calls were a great resource on getting the word out that the missing person was missing."

Sgt Abut - Hallandale Beach Police Department, FL

"Very professional call taker."

Lt John Walsh - Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, FL

"This is an excellent program and your staff is outstanding."

Deputy Richardson - Broward County Sheriff’s Office, FL


"Very helpful. People in the neighborhood came to me and told me they received the call and followed the instructions."

Detective Robinson - DeKalb County Police Department, GA

"I would like to thank ACIM for your participation. This is a valuable tool we are able to use in locating missing children and elderly persons."

Captain Ridley - Murray County Sheriff’s Office, GA

"This is a great service. I have used A Child Is Missing several times. It reaches out to a lot of people quickly and brings great results."

Lt Moody - Jones County Sheriff’s Office, GA

"It was late evening, your people did above and beyond. Great job, thanks!"

Lt Dana Strickland - Richmond Hill Police Department, GA

"Staff was excellent over the phone. Gave this department a feeling of not being so helpless. Assistance started immediately."

Deputy Linda Barfield - Macon County Sheriff’s Office, GA


"Officer said the calls were a tremendous help and commented what a wonderful service you provide. Thank you!"

Communications Operator Riley - Perry Police Department, IA

"You notified us at 2342 hours that the calls had gone out. We received a call 3 minutes later with his location."

Lead Operator Linda Schroeder - Marshalltown Police Department, IA

"Response time was exceptional, got nothing but positive comments from citizens, amazed that we had these tools available."

Sergeant Roger Krohn - Monona County Sheriff’s Office, IA

"Once the calls went out, we received a lot of great calls. Eventually, we were told where she was. Once again a great resource for us."

Sheriff Dean Kruger - Humboldt County Sheriff's Office, IA


"A citizen received the call and was familiar with the child. The citizen located him on the roadway and returned him home."

Dispatcher Lana - Lewiston Police Department, ID

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"What it’s going to do is bring agencies together so we can more quickly respond to missing child incidents and put out alerts to the public to help us in recovering these children."

Captain Rob Storm - Idaho State Police, ID

"This was the first time I had used this. It was very easy to use, a definite must for any situation where a blanket search is needed."

Deputy Morgan Carter - Canyon County Sheriff’s Office, ID


"Juvenile had recently gotten a new cell phone number which we could not locate. One specific call provided us that cell phone number. This allowed us to track her location."

Detective Gary Beier - Dwight Police Department, IL

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"The first three hours are critical. The first time we used it was on an elderly person that had been driving a car. It was successful. We did find out where the person was."

Sheriff Neil Williamson - Sangamon County Sheriff, IL

"We located the missing autistic child about one and a half miles from the last seen call we received. What impressed me most was the amount of residents that helped in the search after being notified by your agency. Thank you."

Officer Mark O’Brian - Gurnee Police Department, IL


"This is a great resource and we are thankful for the service."

Corporal Gilbert - New Albany Police Department, IN

"Child was located 10 minutes after I made the call to A Child Is Missing."

Dispatcher Wiggins - Muncie Police Department, IN

"The individuals from ACIM that assisted with this missing child were professional, prompt and extremely helpful. Thank you!"

Detective Charles Gold - Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, IN

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"In the past, officers may have to go door to door knocking. With this program, phone calls immediately go out to hundreds of homes."

Criminal Investigations Captain Jay Kay - Marion County Sheriff’s Office, IN

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"If you really have a true abduction, minutes count. If you can get that message out to the surrounding neighbors where the child was last seen, then hopefully you’re going to be able to get some good information from someone seeing the child from the description or seeing if there was a car."

Chief Brad Hill - Evansville Police Department, IN

"This is a very good service that you provide. Our department has used it several times and it is very beneficial to the community."

Officer Dan Slygh - Madison Police Department, IN

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"With this program which is free, which doesn’t cost taxpayers a dime, all we have to do is call Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to A Child Is Missing, give them the information. When you answer your phone it will say ‘A Child Is Missing’, give a description of the child, they will ask you to go outside and look around for this child."

Assistant Chief Howard “Tiger” Williams - Newburgh Police Department, IN


"Technician was very helpful and quickly began the call taking process. Thank you for your service, it is an invaluable tool when searching for missing persons!"

Sergeant Robert Grant - Shreveport Police Department, LA


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"It can make a thousand calls in 60 seconds there's no way we could pull that kind of personal together in hours."

Captain Matt Wohlfeill - Cadillac Police Department, MI


"Our agency was very pleased with the service – positive feedback from residents! Thank you!"

Communications Operator Monnier - Little Falls Police Department, MN

"The missing person was found when a citizen got the call from ACIM and decided to go out and check their property."

Captain Kluntz - Elk River Police Department, MN

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"Time is huge. Just think about if you have a three year old that’s wandered away. The quicker we can get the information out there and get people looking for them, the better."

Captain John Kehrberg - Chaska Police Department, MN

North Carolina

"The alert calls through your agency are a very useful tool."

Corporal Thomas Fulmer - Weaverville Police Department, NC

"Thank you for your efforts to locate the young female who was possibly abducted."

Officer Wiley Lamm - Salisbury Police Department, NC

"ACIM Alert is a very valuable tool to law enforcement."

Chief M.J. Boykin III - Tarboro Police Department, NC

"Thanks for all your help! While these calls did not directly result in locating the boys, they did assist in the investigation."

Captain David Carson - Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office, NC

New Jersey

"Extremely efficient in notifying the surrounding area. Thank you."

Detective Nunez - Union City Police Department, NJ


"Upon activation, several neighbors went out looking for the missing man. One of them found him .5 miles away."

Lt Mike Owens - Colerain Township Police Department, OH

"Staff I spoke with was very professional and did an excellent job. Information was taken very quickly."

Officer Steve Mohsenia - Akron Police Department, OH

"ACIM is a great resource, freeing up our personnel for other investigative activities. Thank you for your service"

Sgt Glen McGraw - North Royalton Police Department, OH

"The response time from your agency was amazing! People were surprised about the call but were willing to help and wanted to know how the child was and if he’d been found. Thank you for your help!"

Dispatcher Jeannie Porter - London Police Department, OH


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"As quick as the child can be located it would be a lot safer for the child, better for the parents, and everyone who’s looking. We’ve used it in the past a number of times and we get the same kind of response. It’s an excellent system. The thing that’s nice about it is it concentrates on the area where you’re searching."

Rod Countryman - Jackson County Oregon Undersheriff, OR


"Service worked extremely well. Due to your system it seemed as if the entire neighborhood was out looking."

Sgt John Sicilia - Northern Regional Police Department, PA

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"It’s quick. It allows us to get the word out there quickly."

Officer Tod Neifert - Township Police Department, PA

"Your system was activated very quickly. This was the first time I had requested your service and I was very impressed."

Detective Ben Westwood - Penn Hills Borough Police Department, PA

"It was helpful and reassuring knowing calls were being made."

Lt. Tomas Niebel - McCandless Police Department, PA

"Service worked very well. While searching, several area residents notified us they received calls. Thanks for the assist!"

Sgt Chester - Mifflin County Regional Police Department, PA

"Residents were impressed with the telephone calls. Thanks!"

Officer Brian Farkas - McDonald Police Department, PA

Rhode Island

"The response was effective in getting participation from neighborhood"

Sgt Needham - Cranston Police Department, RI

"Due to the calls residents were aware of who they should be looking for and one resident saw the child, recognized him and contacted Police."

Sgt Matthew Ryan - Woonsocket Police Department, RI


"Once the calls started in the neighborhood, a resident called police and the child was found."

Detective C. Jones - Nashville Metro Police Department, TN

"Great tool, thank you so much for offering this service."

Dispatcher Angie - Paris Police Department, TN


"The service was very good and was handled very quickly."

Dispatcher Lena Hope - Marion County Sheriff’s Office, TX

"Child was recovered within 10 minutes of calls being placed."

Sheriff Dan Brown - Upton County Sheriff’s Office, TX

"We appreciate your help! Lady we spoke to was very courteous, professional and was prepared to help!"

Dispatcher Crystal Greene - Blount County Sheriff’s Office, TX

"Sherry, thank you once again for the work you do. ACIM is such a valuable tool for law enforcement and for families of missing loved ones. Such a great resource for all!"

Dawn Davis, Sr - Case Manager - Laura Recovery Center, Friendswood, TX


"Caller checked with her son to see if he had seen the missing juvenile and mentioned the description of the jacket. Callers son then admitted that the missing juvenile was hiding in the closet."

Sgt Tom Wagner - Waukesha Police Department, WI

"As soon as the calls went out we began receiving calls of possible sightings. One call put him within one block of the high school and he was located inside by police personnel and a teacher that had come to school early."

Lt Penny Kiefer - Portage Police Department, WI

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