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Human Trafficking

The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports:

  • Over 2 Million men, women and children are trafficked, worldwide, annually.
  • Human Trafficking is a 34 Billion Dollar Industry.
  • The United States is not the #1 Exporter, even though 300,000 of our own men, women and children are at risk for being trafficked each year.
  • It is estimated that 45,000 men, women and children are brought to the United States annually for labor and sexual exploitation.
  • The United States is the #1 Destination for Sex Trafficking.

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Comparison Chart of Primary Sex Trafficking Networks in the U.S.

  Asian Networks Latino Networks Domestic Networks

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Locations of operation Massage parlors, room salons, ‘closed’ residential brothels, karaoke bars, internet ‘Closed’ residential brothels, some massage parlors Street, hotels, residential brothels, strip clubs, massage parlors, internet
Trafficker profile Older Korean women management in AMPs, male enforcers, male transporters Male controllers, recruiters, enforcers, transporters, use of “padrotes” and pimps Pimps, male and female recruiters and enforcers, male transporters
Victim profile From Korea, China, Thailand mostly; women between ages of 18 and 55, sometimes minors From Mexico, Central America, and South America, adult women and minors From across the U.S. – suburbs and urban areas; average age first trafficked 12-14 yrs old
Demand profile (Johns) Middle to upper class working professionals; Korean men in ‘closed’ networks; foreign business men Latino migrant workers and recent immigrants from Latin America Men of all backgrounds
Methods of recruitment False promises of legitimate employment False promise of marriage and better life, false promise of legitimate jobs False promise of love and support, kidnapping and abduction
Methods of control Physical and language isolation, debt bondage, controlling drug supply, threats of beatings, reports to immigration, psychological control Physical abuse, rape, assault with weapons, debt bondage, threats of force, threats to family, sexual abuse of minors Physical assault, rape, assault with weapons, debt bondage, threats of force, sexual abuse of minors, threats to family or to children
Affiliation to gangs Some have affiliation with Asian street gangs and/or organized crime Some have affiliations with MS-13 and street gangs Some have affiliations with street gangs
Advertising mechanism Local newspapers, Asian newspapers, phone directories, internet, word of mouth Fake business cards distributed person-to-person, word of mouth Pandering, local newspapers, internet, phone directories
Pricing structure $60 for one hour plus tips for AMPs; triple prices for food and alcohol in room salons; average of 5 to 15 men a day $30 for 15 minute session; average of 20 to 35 men a day; money usually taken by managers and ‘padrotes’ Varies, women have nightly quotas of $500 to $2,000; average of 7 to 15 men per day; all money kept by pimps
Transportation structure Smuggled in through Canada and Mexico; overstaying legitimate tourist visas; Use of Korean “taxi” services to move across State lines Smuggled through Mexico, transported via cargo vans or commercial buses between cities Direct transportation by pimps who move with the women and girls, use of individual cars and/or commercial transportation lines
Support Structure that Facilitates Operations Advertisers, landlords, active online john community Advertisers, landlords Advertisers, landlords, media, pimp subculture, operators of hotels used by pimps
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